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Date of Last GEDCOM Import: 9 Apr 2012 17:43:25

July 24 2019

A beautiful video of the new Hillsburgh, Ontario library has been posted on youtube by Ironcloud Productions for  Wellington County.  This is the former home of John Cawthra Awrey and the home has been incorporated into the new library.  Copy the link below to view in your browser.  There are other videos of this project available on youtube, just search Hillsburgh Ontario library.


All the people on this site are in some way related to the four main families:  Morris-Barlow/Almond, Nermo-Awrey.
They may not be directly related, but may be through a marriage to a Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle or through Grandparents


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Tree   Last Modified 
Awrey, Marion 
   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 13 Oct 2019
Awrey, Viola 
   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 13 Oct 2019
Awrey, Frank 
b. ukn   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Awrey, Fairy Reivley 
b. 10 May1904  Peoria Maricopa, Arizona, USA  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Awrey, Emma Evangeline 
b. 17 Oct 1902  Hawley, Clay County, Minnesota, USA  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Awrey, Paul 
b. 5 May 1899  Tennessee  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Awrey, James Henry Moss 
b. 27 Aug 1884  Keene, Clay County, Minnesota  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Awrey, Marie Teresa 
b. 15 Feb 1909  Tempe, Maricopa Co, Arizona  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
Brammer, Sami Eamon 
b. 28 Sep 2019  Bury, Lancashire, England  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 3 Oct 2019
Southworth, Nicholas 
   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 15 Sep 2019


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F465  I1007  James Henry Moss Awrey  I1277  1919  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 13 Oct 2019
 F352  I1003  Thomas Awrey  I1004  28 Jan 1874  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 12 Oct 2019
 F518  I1460  Paul Brammer  I92    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 3 Oct 2019
 F87  I263  Andrew Brandon  I1938    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 15 Sep 2019
 F1052  I4610  Nicholas Southworth  I2794    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 15 Sep 2019
 F1035  I4574  Richard Melling  I2793    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 15 Sep 2019
 F1029  I2876  Bolton  I2793    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 15 Sep 2019