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July 16 2016

We have recently learned that the John Cawthra Awrey home in Hillsburgh, Ontario has recently been sold to the County of Wellington.  The home and adjacent mill pond will be preserved, however the house will be returned to it's original design.  Attached to the home will be a new public library.  John was listed on census records as a farmer, but was much more.  He built a grist mill, brick plant, potato storage among other things all in Hillsburgh.
The house overlooks the mill pond and the opposite side of the pond the former home of his brother Isaiah.  
View the home before the sale at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuDoELLRYCU

Update:  The library is now open

All the people on this site are in some way related to the four main families:  Morris-Barlow/Almond, Nermo-Awrey.
They may not be directly related, but may be through a marriage to a Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle or through Grandparents


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Marrige cert.
Marrige cert.
  29 Dec 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Tree   Last Modified 
   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 6 Jan 2019
Nermo, Ruth 
b. 1896  Minnesota, USA  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 2 Jan 2019
Nermo, Ethel O 
b. 1896  Polk, Minnesota, USA  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 2 Jan 2019
Nermo, George Paul 
b. 1911  Canwood, Saskatchewan  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 2 Jan 2019
Anderson, William A 
b. 1922  Minnesota, USA  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 2 Jan 2019
Sargent, George Thomas 
b. Aug 1803   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
Elscll, Mary 
   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
Sargent, Cyrus 
b. 1841   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
Felker, Sarah 
b. 1805  Jordan, Niagara, Ontario, Canada  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
Sargent, Elizabeth Ann 
b. 1833   Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F565  I1689  Cyrus Sargent      Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
 F522  I1689  Cyrus Sargent  I1690    Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018
 F340  I1649  George Thomas Sargent  I1688  27 Mar 1822  Morris-Barlow/Nermo-Awrey 23 Dec 2018